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How to get "Page curl" active in mobi eBook?


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Maybe this is not a part of Storyist itself? But how do people generate kindle ebooks with the

'page curl' feature where  the pages turn in an animated fashion on the Kindle reader?
I use Storyist with kindlegen 2.9. Is there anything newer?

Thanks for your help and sorry if this should have been posted in another group.


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I found out the following:
In my other 2 books that I published on Amazon (more than a year ago, not knowing anything about 'page curl' back then) - when I get them directly from Amazon (purchase) rather

than putting them onto my kindle myself, the 'page curl' feature is automatically present WITHOUT me doing ANYTHING.

So, I am confident that when I upload my new book to Amazon for publishing, the 'page curl' will be available (without me doing anything).



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