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Resetting Page Numbers After Prologue


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Good People,

Apologies if this is already discussed, I looked but couldn't find this specific question!

My novel has both a prologue and an epilogue. I would like to keep it all in one project for simplicity, however I could like my page numbering to restart with Chapter 1. Currently my Prologue is 16 pages long (I'm working on shortening it!), and then I have a title page and after that, Chapter 1. Instead of having Chapter 1 start at page 18, I'd like it to start from 1 all over again. Is this possible? If not, I'll bump this over into feature requests.

Thank you!

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Sorry, Outflare, I missed this one the first time. Click on the Inspector icon at top right to open the Inspector. Click on Chapter 1 in the Project View. Click on the paragraph mark in the Inspector and scroll down until you see Page Numbers. Click on Page Numbers to expand it, and you should see two choices: Use default value (selected by default) and Start at. Click in the button next to Start at and you should be able to set the value back to 1.

I checked this in the release version to be sure I wasn't giving you false information based on the beta I'm currently using.

Best, Marguerite

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