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Why only 21 lines to a page on the "standard novel" format?


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Hi !!

Sorry for the newbie question.

I am just trialling your wonderful program.

I have imported some draft text by copying it over into the standard Storyist "novel" template (I have written what I have done so far using OSX pages)

I have read that a manuscript for submission of a novel should be 25 lines per page. Courier 12 point.

I set the font at Courier 12, but the standard template seems to give me pages that are only 21 lines per page (the text that I have imported counts 21 lines each page..not including the header/page no. set up already by Storyist)

Is this correct?

Am I doing this right?

How do I adjust the format so I get 25 lines per page? 

Or am I simply set up go correctly and submit the manuscript as is...




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Hi, wappinghigh, and welcome to the forums.

The first thing would be to check, if you are submitting to a literary agent, what that agent's submissions requirements are. Some insist on Times New Roman 12 point; others accept the basic Courier (which is used for the template because it was long a standard); still others don't care about the font, so long as it's not Comic Sans or something similar but have specific requirements for margins. You can change any of the formatting through the Inspector by selecting a paragraph that does not have italics or bold, changing the formatting to what you want, then choosing Format > Style > Redefine Current Style in the menus. You can also click in a paragraph that contains only plain text and choose Format > Style > Edit Current Style and make the changes in the box that appears. Click OK and the changes will be applied throughout the document, with the italics and bold text preserved.

In this case, you probably need to adjust the margins to 1" all around and make sure that the format is double-spaced rather than a set distance. But no one I ever contacted counted lines per page. So in that sense you are fine with the standard setup.

Best, Marguerite

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