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Working with scene/section sheets in Storyist 4


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First, I see no measurable difference between them, so that's definitely a failure to understand something on my part.

In the tutorial, I'm given to believe I could make some changes to these sheets by modifying or adding "fields" and saving those changes for a template. But that can be done only under Section Details.

I want to use some kind of sheet set to create an outline for how I think through the chapters. Synopsis of chapter, sure, and section details, which are editable so I can use mine to note time of day as well as the other default options. But no other portion of the sheet is editable, not even to change the name.

For me, Synopsis, Section Details, and Section Notes would form the basis of a perfect chapter by chapter outline. Can I create a template including only these elements?

Please advise or help, thank you.


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