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Ability to return to same point in book?


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In my project sidebar I have the book's main text, then other files for notes, character bios, etc. that I refer to often.  Whenever I go from the book to one of these files then back again, I'm taken to the beginning of the book rather than where I left off.   That's fine as long as I'm not in full screen mode (because there's no back arrow in the top bar) but even with the arrow, the "back" feature only works to one level -- in other words if I go from book >> notes >> character bios >> book, I lose my place again.  

Any way to add a feature so I can keep my place when I go back and forth?


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Hi ggblk,

The back feature functions as it does in a web browser. You should be able to click back as many times as necessary. For example.

  1. Click "book" in the project view.
  2. Click "notes" in the project view.
  3. Click "character bios" in the project view.
  4. Click the back button (or use the View > Go Back menu command) to return to "notes."
  5. Click the back button to return to "book."

The "Go Back" and "Go Forward" menu commands are available in both full-screen mode and non-full-screen mode.


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