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Dan A

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I realize it seems I’m constantly bitching, but Storyist *could* be a writer’s dream... but it’s not.

Part of a writer’s goal is to get published, and Storyist falls just short of helping writers achieve their goals. What I mean is, there’s no template specifically for query letters and story synopses. It seems to me it would be a simple thing to include templates formatted specifically for single-spaced queries and synopses. Right now, I have to leap from Storyist to word processing apps, when it would be far more convenient for all those materials to be maintained in my individual Storyist project folders.

Make sense?

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Hi Dan,

We corresponded at the support address, but I missed your post here. For others who are interested:

There isn't currently a query or synopsis template, but you can create one if you want. To do this:

1. Create a new text file in your current project.

2. Enter the text for the template and style it to taste. [1]

3. Choose File > Save as Template.

4. When the template dialog appears, make sure the "Save as" popup says "Text File Template" and enter a name and category for the template.

5. Click Save.

Your template is now available in the template chooser, and you can add it to other projects as well.


[1] One place to look for inspiration is the book Formatting & Submitting Your Manuscript from Writer's Digest.

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