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Integration with ProWritingAid


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I would also be very interested in seeing a ProWritingAid plugin created for Storyist. ProWritingAid has an API and pre-build SDKs for various programming languages.


Not sure how heavy of a lift this would be to develop? I also use Scrivener, but I haven't tried the ProWritingAid plugin for it yet. Storyist is still my favorite editor. I don't want to see it getting left behind.

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Hi Cargil,

I've spent some time investigating this. Technically, it is possible. Unlike Gammarly, ProWritingAid provides an API for developers to use to integrate the text checking service with their app. There are some challenges, though.

ProWritingAid charges for each call to their API, so it's not something Storyist could offer for free. There would need to be a reasonable monthly subscription fee for the feature. Alternately, Storyist could let you sign into your ProWritingAid account with your personal subscription (that you pay for separately), which would allow you to use it from your browser too. Unfortunately, the ProWritingAid API doesn't currently support such logins, so this approach would require changes from them.

Also, in the past, Apple has rejected apps that don't use their in-app payment system (this approach would not), which would mean Storyist for iOS and Storyist for macOS purchased through the Mac App Store might not get this feature.

As you've probably noticed, the spell checking on macOS has gotten worse over the last couple of OS releases, so this is something I'm actively looking at. Unfortunately, I don't have a timeline yet.


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