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I may have the placed this in 'Troubleshooting' incorrectly, but having spent hours attempting to change the Heading Colour on the Plot Point Sheet, I felt this was possibly the right place.

I have version 3.5.2 (12352) I am at a critical point in my 80K word novel and require to print off the Plot Point Sheets.

Problem:  The Heading (Title) of each sheet is a mucky Brown Code CC9933 -

As this will not print on my printer I have attempted to find a way to change this to standard Black Code 0000

Can any body tell me how I can change this.

For me at this point of time it is important to have the Titles = Chapter references and Summary of the chapter printed

Thank You in Anticipation 

Barry D Jones

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I thought I had the problem solved BUT NO  Within minutes of posting this, I found by deleting "Untitled Plot Point", a brown heading. Changing the colour, then putting my own heading, I could get the desired result. Thought I'd finally solved it.

But NO. 

Even this does not change the Font Colour - after 'Saving' and then coming back into the document, I find it has reverted back to its original colour ????????



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Hi Barynz,

The styles in the story sheets are fixed. If you're able to temporarily change the font color in a story sheet, you've found a bug. Apologies for the inconvenience. I'll investigate.

Changing styles in story sheets is a feature request that's been on the list for quite a while and is something I hope to get to later this year.


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Thanks Steve,

NO- I cannot change anything in the Story Sheets - As I said, i had hoped to change the Font Colour as the current colour won't print.

Hope to see it soon.

Thanks again, Regards


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