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As a brand new user, I'm loving some features of Storylist compared to Word. However, I miss the ability to begin a chapter with a "dropcap."  Any suggestions, any hope Storylist will integrate it?  Also, indentations--sometimes its necessary NOT to indent a paragraph, as after a break in the chapter, but when it occurs automatically, in Word, there's a ruler and the ability to move the first line back so it appears without an indent. Any suggestions?  thanks!

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There are rulers in Storyist too. Choose "Show rulers" from the View menu. You can also click on the circled i at the top right to open the Inspector and adjust indents from there.

In general, Storyist depends heavily on styles—which it exports to RTF and can thus be retained in Word if you set up the Word file properly. There are instructions for that in the user threads on this site. I set up a "1st paragraph" style that includes no first line indent and apply it as needed to the text.

Storyist also has a Book feature (Choose New, then Book, from the File menu). I believe that there's a way to get a drop cap from that. I haven't used the Book feature much, though, because I typeset in InDesign, so I can't tell you how to access the drop cap.

Best, and welcome to the forums,


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