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Storyist 4.1.x updated itself to a version I cannot run anymore


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Hi Steve,

I've just picked up Storyist on my old MacBook Pro again. it can't run anything higher than High Sierra. So I launch Storyist 4.1.2 (I think) and get a prompt that a new version is available. Excited by the release notes I hit "Update and relaunch", only to find that I can no longer use it as it requires a newer version of macOS that my hardware does not support.

Please add a check to this process so users have a chance to say no. As it stands, I can no longer use Storyist 4 on this hardware.

Is there a release archive somewhere that allows me to use the latest compatible version for High Sierra?

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Thanks Steve, I was able to get it from the download page on your website. Sadly there was nothing in the trash. It’s OK though, I have Storyist 4 working again on my ageing MacBook. Thankfully I still have 3 running alongside it, so I’m covered.

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