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After Using Storyist to Write My First Book Using v3.5

Bob Kirk

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I found the interface very clean and generally easy to use. Can’t say that I used many of the planning features however what I missed was:

1. Some way to do a timeline. I ended up using tabs in a text document. Tables in text files would have made this easier. I notice some people suggested Aeon Timeline. Not sure I would use this anyway (given that part of the reason for Storyist is simplicity.)

2. Some way to check grammar as easy as spelling. At the moment this seems to be done via pulling up the spelling window using a sub-menu.

3. Integration with referencing (e.g. Bookends) would allow me to use it for non-fiction

4. It would be good to organise my novel via scenes rather than chapters. Chapters are largely added on for the sake of the reader (to me anyway)

As noted I used v3.5x but I have just upgraded to v4.1 (on OSX 10.13). I hope it doesn’t crash as much.

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