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Nesting Folding up Scenes in Scripts Cheat


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Nesting Folding up Scenes in Scripts [Cheat]

It's my 'temporary work-around'... just sharing in case anyone can use it.

On Mac
Project:  Screenplay
(FILE) DUPLICATE the script. I did this three times for a 4 Act Structure.
Renamed each one for the "ACT - X"  it represented, 
Then deleted the scenes not in that Act.
That left me with 4 fold-up-able Acts.  

The only thing missing is that the page count starts from 1 on each Act; I get to do addition... but it still works for me.
I plan to Join them back together when finished.


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Steve - Hi.  

Further comments on Feature Request:

I’m playing around with Storyist.  I’ve been through nearly all the screenwriting software on the market.  I absolutely LOVE Storyist!

But, I’ve noticed that in Novel mode… (books) versus Screenplays, that the Novel side of the house has # for Sections, which then has in the outliner, sections that collapse and roll-up.  I was wondering if you could ‘code’ a similar feature to the Screenwriting side of the house… so, I can break my full script down into sections (in my case 4 acts) … … I might possibly even put plot points in for Sections.  It would be incredibly handy for us and Hopefully not a major coding nightmare to execute.  [I realize that that may cause issues with ‘fountain’ files, but I think Storyist only does FDX.]

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