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Pin a Window (NEVERMIND... that's what WORKSPACEs do. )


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Hi Steve,

Me again.  🙂

IGNORE THE FOLLOWING REQUEST   (I didn't know about    'Workspaces'!   )

I have imported my third draft of my screenplay (approx 128 pages).  I’m in hopefully my ‘final rewrite).
On my Macbook Air (and yes I am also using an iPad Air… one of the reasons for using Storyist!) :D
On my Mac, I have Storyist open in 5 subsections (windows) within the Storyist application.  Outline on the left, Text in the middle/Split with (Title and Synopsis+ Word Count+Status as I recall.  LOVE THIS!), Inspector on the right (Love the Inspector!), and a Horizontal Split in the Text, with my NOTEBOOK at the bottom middle.  I’d like to pin both the notebook and the Title synopsis… so I don’t have them change on me if I pull a dummy and hit the wrong thing. 

I would like to be able to “PIN” a window so it doesn’t change unless I “UNPIN” it.  


I cannot believe how incredibly powerful Storyist is!  This is an incredible help!  Thanks for all the work you’ve done getting it to this level!

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Discovered the feature is already in Storyist!
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