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Good morning 🙂,

in one of the videos for storyist on Youtube I saw the ability to give the paper background not only a colour but also a pattern like a piece of paper. In my version of storyist 4 (it’s the actual version but I can’t remember the number in the moment) on my macbook air with Big Sur, I have only the option to change the colour. 

I searched the forum bit didn’t find an answer. Is the option gone in storyist 4 or do I miss something? I think the videos are for storyist 3.

Any advice is appreciated.

Have a nice day!

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Hi ChrisW 

I am on version 4.2.5.   You're right.  I can change the colors but can NOT get a background image (that could be a grid image if you like) to come up.


This is the closest I could come and still couldn't get an image or grid to come up.

Version 4.2.5

Storyist>Preferences>Theme button (like a painters Palette)>Colors Tab>Page Background,

then, Click COLOR icon at the bottom, double click the 3 dots in the Spectrum window, select NEW FROM FILE (AND HAVE YOUR GRID.JPG ready) to select as Page Background.  There is a Color square in the lower left of the color picker (even if I added a picture there... I can only get a specific color, not the picture).  I have to drag and drop in some cases the color square to the color box to get it to show on-screen.  

Close the window.

Maybe STEVE will see this and can comment.


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Hi Marguerite and ChrisW,

I’d like them back too, if/when Steve can do it.  

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