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Improved Index Card Context Sensitivity (feature request)


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I may be out of my depth with this request, apologies in advance.

Coming from Scrivener I'm used to better context-sensitivity with Index Cards than what I'm currently enjoying in Storyist.

Split view
Text Mode in the left editor
Storyboard Mode open in the right editor
lack of parity between them when placing the cursor in a new location within various chapter sections

I'm writing a section in Chapter 3. I want to view its Index Card in the right editor. I want the cursor placement in Text View in the left editor to govern the card that gets displayed in the right editor, without any manual intervention. Currently, we're required to first click on the right editor to make it active, open the Project panel, click on the relevant section before the relevant card is displayed in the right editor - way too many distractions and clicks.

I'm writing a section in Chapter 1 (left editor). I've manually clicked around the Project panel to display my Chapter 1 index cards in the right editor. I now decide to jump to chapter 28 in the left window, find my mark, start writing...dismayed to discover the editor on the right is still showing me Index Cards from Chapter 1. I really don't want to be distracted away from writing, nor do I want to make the right editor active to do the Project panel clickery gig again.

I have ended up generating 31 sections in the first chapter, entitled it STORYBOARD, and display it permanently in the right editor in STORYBOARD Mode. This way I can always view the index cards for the entire manuscript, I just need to scroll up and down to align them with the chapter I'm working (in the left editor).

I've tried clicking the manuscript in the Project panel, but that displays the cards in groups, sorted by chapter. I want to see every card for every section in a flat list, in the editor on the right.

My one real hope is that Steve will be slapping his forehead, saying "No, no, you're doing it all wrong, Jez, this feature is already active, all you need to do is....."

Otherwise, if I'm onto something, then please go ahead, make this into a new feature request if you think it relevant to Storyist.

Thanks for reading.



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