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Saving existing manuscripts in a file in Storyist iCloud

Cristy D

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So, when I go to File, and click on Open an entire list of my manuscripts pop up.

Some of them belong to the same book, and I thought, since the list is becoming enormous, that I could group the drafts of the same book in one file.

So I clicked on file, and yes in the middle of all the long list of manuscripts an Untitled File pops up.

Now, how do I put them in that file?

Dragging doesn't work.

If I click on Move To, the file doesn't appear.

I don't want them on my computer dock, I want them in a file, in the Storyist iCloud.

Obviously, you have realized I am not very computer literate, so an explanation of how to do this would be nice. 

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Hi Cristy,

Is the list of manuscripts that appear when you click Open a list of Storyist (.story) projects? Storyist projects can't contain other projects, but they can contain text imported from many other file formats. If you want to collect drafts from from separate Storyist projects into one big project, try this:

  1. Open a project containing a draft you want to move.
  2. Export the draft as an RTF file.
  3. Open the "big project" and import the RTF file you created in step 2.
  4. Repeat for other drafts as necessary.


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Okay, they are all novel projects. What I would like is to put all those that belong together in one file.

For example

Project: template is Novel: The life of Emily

Project: template is Novel: The life of Emily 1st draft

Project: template is Novel: The life of Emily 1st edit

Project: template is novel The life of Emily 2nd Edit

I'd like them all under a file called The Life of Emily in the Storyist iCloud

When you click on open, to the left above it give you the option to: go left or right, change the order grouping, or generate a file. What is the point if you can't put the projects you want in them. The file appears together with all the projects when you click on open but you can't put anything in it.

I want to reduce the list that appears in Open when I click it.

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