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Why is there no format Inspector on the Character Sheet View? Or am I missing something?


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Hi there,

Been a long time user of Storyist, but now that I am in the 5th novel of a series, I have so many characters that I'm trying to seriously use the Character Sheet and Settings functionality of Storyist (instead of the spreadsheet I usually use). I have the latest update, and I am shocked to see that there is no customization of the Character Sheet view (it plainly says "No Format Inspector")! I was able to find a post from 2013...where a discussion about customization apparently bore no fruit (as the customer then wanted to change the font from ugly Helvetica (I agree that it is a terrible font)). I'm on a MAC using Ventura 13.2.1.

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Thank you for the feedback. Unfortunately, that's still on the todo list. It's something I hope to get to this summer after working through the changes required to support Apple's new OS releases. It's a significant effort (and one of the less frequently requested features), which is why it is taking so long.


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OK - that's actually good news because I actually thought I was missing something that everyone else was able to see! I'm also a programmer (RoR, Python and dabble with React Native and React) so I've dealt with Apple before with apps and client apps so I know exactly the drudgery you're going through with them and how significant of an effort it actually is. (My heart goes out to you.) And I thank you immensely for working on this great app. Pages, at the time of your release of Storyist, did not have the functionality/formatting we authors needed for novel publishing...so thank you!

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