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Scene heading bugs when editing on iPad


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Hey @Steve -- I think I've found a reproducible bug when editing a .fountain file in Storyist on iPad. I can't for the life of me figure out a way to add a new scene heading just using the keyboard. Instead, I have to manually take my hands off the keyboard and click the line type icon and then select scene heading option. This is very unintuitive and breaks writing flow substantially. When working on a standard screenplay file in Storyist, I can keep hitting tab until the icon cycles past transition back to scene heading. This feature doesn't work when opening a fountain file. Tab cycles from Action to Character to Transition then won't cycle further. Reproducible. 

Also, in other apps, I can simply put a period in front of a word to make it a scene heading. That would greatly improve writing flow while writing fountain in Storyist. It is part of the standard fountain syntax.

Also, specifically while editing a fountain file -- I can't seem to find the STYLEs menu in the three dot menu (as it appears when opening a .story file). When editing fountain, is there a way to globally format scene headings to be BOLD, UNDERLINED, or DOUBLE-SPACED on iPad. Instead, I have to do it every singe time, line by line. Is there a way to do this as a global setting? The formatting panel only seems to work if you highlight a specific line, and even then, it doesn't allow you to update the default style for all scene headings, etc. 

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