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In my app exploration I came across an app called Story Tracker. It is a submission tracking tool and on first glance and minimal checking out of the lite version it looks like it has a lot of potential. Here's the iTunes link for the lite version.


Basically what it does is give you places to input your stories and information on them (word count, genre, notes, title, etc.), "Markets" which are what you'll be submitting your story to, and "Submission" which is a form where you put in what you're submitting to what market. It will keep track of things for you (including income earned and due dates) and it can export to CSV so you can plug the info into other software if you like.


It's fairly self explanatory, I figured out the basics of it in about 2 minutes and it seems to be pretty well thought out. One thing I didn't like was that your only income option is $$ per word. There isn't a choice between that or "contest prize", "per story", etc. etc. but I'm planning to contact the developer about that and see if it is on their list of coming features. It's also not the prettiest of apps, but it's not horrible.


Overall it looks really useful and if you have an iPhone or iPad I would definitely recommend downloading the lite version to check it out for yourself!

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