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I was looking for a writing program for Linux, and came across Sigil (it's Cross-platform).


It seems pretty young right now (it's more of a WYSIWYG for xhtml with support for the epub format, it doesn't offer that much for the book's author, just more for formatting code and meta-data), and I think it could use some work on the user interface (it uses the Qt library, not that that's bad, it just doesn't feel native). It's a bit glitchy on the Mac (mostly in the switching views and stuff). As it is right now, it seems like it'd be good for editing ePub files exported from Storyist.


Just figured I'd share, and go back off to my den. Still looking for Linux apps if any of you know of any (I do most writing on my Mac in Storyist, but sometimes I work in Linux for a change of setting :D ).

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