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In the spirit of procrastination, I say we show each other our NaNo setup.




Flickr again. If you mouse over the picture, there will be lots of half cheeky comments from me. That was a fantastic way to lose 45 minutes of my life.


Let's see 'em!


You're in love with flickr, aren't you. Flickr is your boyfriend. :)


I use my baby naming book to help name characters, until I discovered:

20000-names.com, behindthename.com, surnames.behindthename.com, and The government's own baby name Website.


I totally get the Holistic Herbal Directory. (Lots o' herbal things going on. Yeah.)


If you need to know how to get an arrowhead out of someone's chest, I've found Ask.com useful for things like that. I am assuming, of course, that this is for your fiction. Otherwise call a doctor, please!


Finally. No, I will not show you a deskshot of my desk. Because:

1) it has been known to make grown men faint and women weep;

2) it will only inspire less responsible persons to do the same. I can only imagine the envy a picture of Steve's gear would engender;

3) 45 minutes?


With apologies,

Your Observant,


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Aw... pretty please? I may have been exaggerating about the 45 minutes. Probably more like... 20... only three or four if you just post a picture! (Though, the cheeky comments are the fun part.) I promise I won't weep.


I do love Flickr. Loooove flickr. I'd marry it, but then I'd have to get a divorce. And I like my husband. xD

I like to have the books handy because I have to disconnect from the 'net in order to get any writing done. Every five minutes I think, ooh, I should look that up! I waste less time looking it up in books. Plus, sometimes it's just nice to stop staring at the stupid screen.


- Calli

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I would post a shot, but I can't find my desk under all my stuff. At the moment I have:


The mac, two tablets (one plugged in) an LCD tv with an XBOX 360 hooked up beneath, 3 coffee mugs, 2 hats, 2 ashtrays, a little fury thing that I'm not sure what it is (could be a doll of some kind), a statue of Bhudda, 3 statuettes (Frankenstein, wolf Man, Dracula), an external DVD drive, an egg timer, an external HD, some kind of window cleaning fluid, several bottles of refillable ink for printers, half a dozen lighters, one opened one unopen packet of cigarettes, a pouch of tobacco, two sets of headphones, a mouse, a mousemat, the keyboard, two spindles of Tayo Yuden DVD-R's, 1 spindle of generic brand CD-R's, 2 Ray Bradbury short story collections, a little sticker that says "only artist's starve, good writer's eat well', the DVD box set of Supernatural Season 1, a portable AV unit, an IPOD...


... and I think I found Jimmy Hoffa before :)



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