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Murder Under A Dark Sky


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Time doesn’t stand still, it keeps rolling on by, the people in the this town are either zombies or back stabbers, or mindless souls that surprises me that has lived this far. We live in the age of liars, cheats, and stealers. I’m no choir boy myself, but I take action on these streets, the murderers taste there blood, and they think they get away with it, getting away with the lives they disregard like soggy tissues.

The murders, the rapist, the tortures are truly the scum of our society.

You may call me John Thompson, I fight crime, I see crime... I am the law.

Its 3 am, and I get paged for a call out, a body has been found in the lake just outside of Boston.

A pretty young thing 16, strangled, sodomised and beaten beyond all recognition of even recognising this poor girl..

How do I know she was a pretty young thing I hear you ask? She was my niece. Ever since I can remember she was a wild heart that played by her rules.. Her cards were on the table.. But now she has folded, unfortunately from a murderer that I have to find.

The guys down at the station didn’t realise it was a family affair when it came to me finding my dear niece Laura. Face down in a lake.

The bastard put her on her knees, chocked her, he got his satisfaction that way so he didn’t have to see her dying eyes, he left her there like she was nothing, now it was up to me to contact my sister Nardia and break the news to her anyway possible. This cruel world is a hate filled world. I have to find answers.

The meat wagon comes and take my sisters daughter away, all she is , is meat now, her vibrant self is not living anymore, I am numb to everything in this job. Nothing

surprises me anymore. These scum fuel me to catch them. When its one of your own, it makes you fight more, I’ve seen babies killed in there cots all because “they wanted to get back at there partner”

Mothers, fathers and so called lovers alike... Kill for power. Kill because they can.

This world is pathetic and so is the people walk amongst it.

We are all the same, cheaters, liars, stealers, we have all lied.. We lie to ourselves.

With our fancy cars, with our huge mansions. We fight for what we have. But some just have it easy. They fall into money, or marry into money.

Those people look down on us, when we are the people that are getting them out of the bottom of the harbour, because there millions of dollars weren’t good enough so they had to turn to drugs, and then pissed off the dealer.

Or a man or a woman cheats on there significant other, and the other didn’t seem so significant.

Because the husband, would be in the arms of his secretary, the wife would be in the arms of the hunky pool man.

Where is the love? Are people living for the dollar and dime? Was love just a myth? Or was it a thing of the past. Love is like a rare diamond its hard to find.

I am 42 years old. Divorced, my wife left me because I was dedicated to my job,but funny she knew what she was getting into when we first got married but that didn’t stop her running off into the arms of ironically her divorce lawyer.

When someone tells you that lawyers are sons of a bitches you better believe them.

I worked day and night in my job, I gave my wife the world and it didn’t mean anything to her. I divided my time the best way I could. When we started dating she knew, what I did for work.. I fought for everything we had.

I hardly see my daughter Casey anymore. It was beyond a doubt one of the happiest times of my life when Casey was born. For once I was seeing life into the world and not seeing it out. In my many years on the job, I’ve seen

hundreds of bodies, in murder scenes, murder-suicides, you name it I’ve seen it.

But my daughter Casey she made my horrible life in the job bearable.

There was a time I’m sure I loved my wife, I just can’t remember for the life of me when.

Nardia, my brother Chris and I, we lost our parents when we were young, they were murdered in cold blood.

Thats why in some way by doing the job I do, is like catching those fuckers, again and again.

I was 14 at the time, Nardia was 10, and Chris was 8. I remember it like it was yesterday.

Chris and I shared a room, Nardia was at a sleep over at her friends place.

It was around two in the morning, my brother and I was startled by the sounds of what sounded like a struggle coming from my parents bedroom, I knew there was more than one, my brother Chris started crying, and I went over to put my hand over his mouth to muffle his cries, and we hid under my bed, and waited for the noise to

end.. I begged my brother to be quiet as anything could be happening out there.

I whispered that we were going to play a game, the game was he had to go in the closet and hold a baseball bat and be very quiet, and I was going to check on mum and dad, he was hesitant, but eventually I got him to do it.

I slowly, and cautiously made my way in to my parents room...

My mothers head was beaten so forcefully there was brain matter over the wall, her loving motherly face that I loved so much was unrecognisable, my fathers head was beaten, as well as the rest of his body, his head was hanging by a thread, as the the scum of the earth tried to cut off his head.

Shock came over my body and I dropped to my knees and cried uncontrollably,

My brother Chris was never much of a listener or could follow a simple instruction properly, I heard him in the hall and he was saying John where are you? Before I could get my thoughts together and say Chris stay out of here

he was already in the door way and he saw what happened to our parents.

Things were never quite the same with Chris or myself, In my mind I wanted to do this job, to clean up the vile scum that walks amongst our streets everyday, Chris on the other hand, became withdrawn...

For years Chris had counselling, when our parents were brutally murdered, we moved from what use to be a loving, welcoming home, to my grandparents place, on my mothers side.

My fathers parents were no longer living, My fathers mother died while giving birth to him, and his father died of a massive heart attack when my father was just four years of age, he too lived with his grandparents,

They were two people to really look up to and admire, I miss them till this very day, but unfortunately they were taken by a drunk driver on a head on collision,

The driver only got two years in jail, not good enough in my opinion, the driver obviously never really learnt his lesson, as he got behind the wheel of a stolen car when

he got released out of prison, and ended up wrapping his car around a tree, he died on impact.

Life is a funny thing don’t you think? People just automatically think they are invincible and can live forever, how wrong are we?

I risk my life everyday in this job, but its worth it, to find the family, and loved ones some answers to what has happened to the people that met there maker way to quick in this life.

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Thank you.



Thank you Thoth, I hope more people will stop by and tell me what they think of my story, I am very new here so It is all new to me.


All the best to you and your endeavours. :)

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