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Revised Multilevel Novel Template


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This is the updated version of a template that Callista posted a few years ago. It contains a part-level style as well as chapters and sections under each part. Here the parts are called Days, but you can click on a Day (in the manuscript), choose Format > Style > Edit Current Style from the menus, and change the name of the style to something more appropriate to your novel. Then save the template under a new name.


If you choose "Save as Template" from the File menu, your template will appear as an option whenever you start a new project. If you ever need to go looking for it, you will find it under ~/Library/Application Support/Storyist/Templates, where ~ stands for the name of your home directory. It is a regular .story file, and you can copy it, delete it, open it, save it like any other Storyist file.





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