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Comic book template page and panel auto numbering/renumbering


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Also in the screenplay template automatic scene numbering/renumbering would be a big plus. I almost quit Storyist to go to Final Draft who does have this feature (IPad version). I came back to Storyist because they don’t have index cards (IPad version). Nothing is perfect, but Storyist is getting pretty close to it...

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I write comic scripts in addition to longer prose. I would be absolutely thrilled to see a comic book script template be added to the default set for BOTH desktop and iPad. It's one thing to create your own, or to use one that's been shared, but to have one that has been considered from the point of view of the software developer -- who really knows how things work and go together -- would be a huge benefit. Knowing that the comic template you're using has been thoroughly tested to not edit in its own errors that I might not catch (page numbers, an incorrect heading, etc.), and knowing that everything will still come out great on export would be a huge weight off.


It's not just that its a hassle to create your own or borrow one from another user: its a bit nerve-wracking!


PS: Scrivener has indicated that they have no desire to add a comic book script to their iOS version at outset (I can't recall if they've said they have any intention of correcting that after launch) and with ComXwriter also in a vaporware state Storyist would be the only iOS writing software with a native comic template to my knowledge. Definitely a nice selling point.

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