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Character sheets -- where are they found?

Tony Perreault

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Maybe my problem is because I'm trying to figure this out while working a 12 hr graveyard

shift. I don't know.


I can't find the character sheets.


If I start a new project and select a "blank" template, for the life of me I can't figure out how to

create a character sheet. There is no obvious means to go about creating one that I can see.

I would assume that if I create a character entry in the storyboard then clicking on this would

bring up the character sheet. Nope. Not the case.


When I open up the novel template, however, there are character sheets.


The obvious solution is to use the novel template and make needed adjustments.


But if I wanted to use a blank template, how do I go about editing character sheets since they

don't seem to exist?


Or am I doing something fundamentally wrong, which could very well be the case. See above about

trying to figure this out on a 12 hr graveyard shift and being tired...


Thanks in advance.

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