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Hi all, I'm Michael Rhodes. Cartoonist and writer of stuff. Currently I'm wrapping up writing a Beginner's guide to Manga Studio for Packt publishing. Been working on that puppy since last April. So glad/relieved to be close to the endpoint.


Mostly I write and draw comics. The genres I tend to write within are speculative fiction and horror/fantasy.Maybe a smidgen of some super-hero comics. Hey, I'm a fanboy, whaddya expect?


Here's a link to a self published comic:https://app.box.com/s/g2n00vs6kk930k7w1b7d


It's on my box account, hope that's okay.


That story is basically being re-worked and redone in color for a series of graphic novel/trade paperbacks, the introduction will be expanded and a new chapter added to the main story. I don't intend to "Lucas"it, but some feedback made me realize that I was cramming too much into the story.The story is "Done in One", and is the first in a series of self-contained graphic novels, all of the graphic novels has threads running though each that will build to an endpoint. And it's about sentient salamanders living in an universe that's like the brain-child of Salvador Dali and M.C. Escher. I'm trying for something that's "all ages" without being blanderized and still be of interest to all.


There's other stories in me and if I stick around here (and I just may), you'll all be subjected to them. :P


To me, the best stories are ones that have me think of things in a way I hadn't before. Whether it's about worlds in collision or interpersonal relationships, it's all about the story.


And I still feel that Rosalind Franklin got ripped off and it's a crime that she's not given her due.


Merry Meet, y'all!



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Hi Mike! Nice to have another comic person here!


I'm mostly a sci-fi/fantasy novelist as far as fiction goes (like you, I've worked on non-fiction software tutorial books, although in my case it's music software; I have about 8 published books I wrote or co-wrote). But I'd love to get into comics. My wife is an artist (and didn't your wife write in your graphic novel, too?) and we keep threatening to get a comic project off the ground—so much so that I designed a comic template for myself based on Mark Millar's formatting for the script for The Ultimates. Hopeful one day!


I read the work at your link–I quite liked it! Great art and good storytelling!


I find Storyist a great asset for collecting my research, world building, notes, images, and so on, so I think you'll find it useful too. And welcome aboard!



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Hey Orren!


The best time to start that comic is … right now. Good luck on it.


I'm getting work together so when I finish the Manga Studio book, I'll have projects lined up to work on. Thanks for the comments about my comic. When the new edition/version comes out, it'll be much better. My wife did some editing/proofreading on the comic. We did a book together called "Tales of the Living Room Warrior". She did the words, I did illustrations for it. It's an illustrated book. We'll be collaborating on an expanded edition that'll be more like a comic (panels, word balloons, etc). It will be done all analog from the art to the lettering to the coloring. I'm a big calligraphy buff and see lettering it as an post-punk illuminated manuscript. When it's all done, we're going to kickstart a project to get it printed.


Here's the link to Tales: https://app.box.com/s/wz8yq2s4nexoaxqpo4h9


I'm coming to Storyist by way of Scrivener (which I do like, but sometimes It's just too customizable and free-form). I hope to modify what Anthony Johnson did here: http://www.antonyjohnston.com/articles/scriveningcomics.php in Storyist. You've given me a great starting point with your reply to the query in the other forum section here. Feeling hopeful that Storyist will be a good tool to use.


glad to be here. Thanks for the great welcome!



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Hi, Mike, and welcome. Congratulations on your Manga Studio Guide.


I added some notes to Orren's discussion. Maybe they'll help, maybe not. Feel free to ask for clarification if not.


My son draws manga, purely for fun. I never read it until I stumbled over a series set in Central Asia. Now I can pretend I'm doing research when I'm really staring at the gorgeous pictures. :)


Hope you enjoy Storyist. It's a great program.



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