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My YA series continues: Lady Firebird, is available now!


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A few months ago I posted about Firebird Alex, the first novel in my YA urban fantasy series The Seduman Chronicles, being available.


Well, the second novel in the series, Lady Firebird, is out now! Its available online in print and eBook formats from all the major retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Google, etc). Here's the synopsis:



Alexandra Gold leads two lives.


In a universe filled with powerful spirit beings, she is the half human, half-demon Lady Firebird of the House of Keroz. She stopped Dirk Raum from murdering humans whose fresh souls he fed the House of Raum. This won her the respect of some but the enmity of others.

On Earth, she appears to be like every other eighteen-year old girl, but she longs to step forward as Lady Firebird, and let people know that she will protect them–but she worries that once people see her flaming hair, eyes, and long fangs, she will terrify those she wants to help. When Dirk returns and starts a kidnapping spree as part of his plan to conquer both universes, Alex races to the rescue.

She is ready to meet the challenge; but is the world ready to meet Lady Firebird?


Lady Firebird stands alone as a complete story for those who just wish to jump in, but for a richer experience with more background into the world, you might want to start with Firebird Alex. And of course it leads into the third one, which should be out in a few months as well.


Thanks, and enjoy!


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