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Index card basic question


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I'm using Storyist 3.0 and I have been writing in Storyist day by day for quite a while but have never really got into using index card and cork board view. I do like to work from an outline. I can do this fine in outline view.


1. Cork board view and using index cards seems ... less intuitive, to me anyway. I can only see one card, even if the outline view has several main points.


2. Additionally, I can't find a way to add a card. Add a comment, yes, but not add a card.


Apologies for asking basic questions but I have read the guide and tried various things and it isn't working for me.

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Hi, grieggy, and welcome!

An index card is just a visual representation of an element in the project. You add them by adding elements. So if you'd like a card representing a plot point, say, go to the Plot folder in the Project View and click on it. Then click on the plus sign at bottom left and choose "New Plot Sheet." If you'd like a new section, click in the relevant chapter where you want the new card to appear, then the plus sign, then New Section (or New Chapter, depending).


Shortcut: Without leaving the manuscript, click on the card before the one you'd like to add, then hold down the command key and hit return.


To see more than one card, make sure you have selected the folder of cards (that is, the chapter) rather than individual sections. It's true that as soon as you double-click to add text, the others disappear from view, but to bring them back, you just need to click on the back arrow as soon as you finish typing.



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