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Plain vanilla story sheet?


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Is there a way of producing a story sheet with less or even minimal content?


I'd like to use story sheets for plot points or references, but I don't want to view half a page of content that's already there and permanent, above the notes area.


I'm prepared to have a go at editing the ones provided if someone can point me in the right direction... Or maybe someone has done this already and can share the plugins?

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Your best bet would be to use notes, which are blank. You can edit the Body Text and other styles if you hate Helvetica 10 (although you may have to make the change note by note).


To add a note, click on the Plot folder (for example), then click the big plus sign at top left or the small one at bottom left and choose "New Text File." A chooser window will pop up, and you can select Notebook Entry. Once you have one, you can add another quickly by holding down the command key and hitting return.


You won't get the cute lightbulb icon, but that's the price of eliminating the pre-formatting.



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