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Tarkei Chronicles Published

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Actually I published these two books last year, but they are the only two of my novels that predate my discovery of Storyist. They are more ballet and romance than science fiction (science fiction as imagined by a historian, perhaps?), but if you love dance and don't mind a focus on relationships, Desert Flower and Kingdom of the Shades are for you.


They also happen to be free for Kindle from now until midnight Pacific Time tomorrow (June 6). After that, they go back up to their usual price of $3.99. So if you've ever wondered whether I can actually write as well as use Storyist, here's your chance to find out.


Descriptions, excerpts, and links on my blog. This is my first free promotion in three years, so there probably won't be another for a long time, if ever. I have this wacky belief that artists deserve to be paid for their work.... :)



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