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Inserting Title Page/Copyright Page/Dedication Into Novel


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Hello Everyone,


I recently finished my first novel using Storyist for Mac. I have decided to self-publish using Amazon CreateSpace (I realize that Storyist isn't ideal for self-publishing).


The problem is that I must now insert a title page, copyright page, and a dedication page into my finished manuscript. I can't figure out how to place the three new pages into the same file (ahead of all the body text) without messing up the formatting.


I tried saving the title/copyright/dedication as separate files, but CreateSpace requires everything to be submitted in a single file.


Please help.

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Hi Membarock,


If you're creating a PDF, the easiest thing to do would be to save your manuscript, title page, and copyright page as PDF files and then use the Preview app to assemble them into a single document.


You could also paste the title page and dedication text into your manuscript and apply the appropriate styles. You'd need to adjust the page numbering too.



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