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Novel and Screen Writing in Same Project


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Hi all,


Apologies in this is not in the correct forum - I could see any other place to post this question.


Is it possible to write both a novel and the screen play for that novel in the same project?


I would like to write the two in parallel (brave, I know) and it would make sense to use the same project for both as all the research data, characters, etc. My thoughts are that I could both files in the Manuscript folder or maybe create a separate folder for each.


I would gravely appreciated any comments, advice, suggestions, things to be mindful off, etc.


Thank you in advance.



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It's absolutely possible. Just create two new text file documents, one a novel, one a screenplay.


And yes, it makes sense to use one file for all your research data, characters, etc. I have one document for an entire series of novels, currently six novels and one novelette. One of my favorite aspects to Storyist is that you can keep everything you need for multiple works in the same universe in one document.


Hope that helps,


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