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Keep Stage Play format in emails.


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I thought I answered this yesterday, but the message seems to have vanished.

The easiest way is to choose Print from the File menu, then click on PDF at the lower-left corner and choose Save as PDF. That will generate a file that you can e-mail to your readers. It will look exactly as it does in Storyist, just as if you printed it.

If you need those on the other end to be able to edit the file, you can choose Export from the File menu. Click on the name of your stage play, and choose Files and .rtf from the two drop-down menus. Click OK and name the file, then click OK again. That file is styled, and you can open it in Word or Open Office, preserving most if not all of the formatting. Save it as a DOCX file and send that instead.

Best, Marguerite

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