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Crashing trying to add new story sheet of any kind


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I was doing fine with the Storyist 4 trial from the Mac store until this morning. Now every time I try to make a new Story Sheet, it crashes. Then it crashes sending the crash report. Reinstalled and now it either just does nothing when I get the "choose a story sheet" dialog (I can click on things, but nothing happens and I can't even get out of the dialog without quitting the program). To make it even MORE frustrating my licensed copy of Storyist 3 is doing the same thing so I'm left without functional writing software (and I was just in the process of switching back from Scrivener). Send a email to support but does anyone have any idea if this is some kind of corrupted file that I can copy over or something?

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Hi Anysia,

I just replied to your email to support. Don't worry, we'll get to the bottom of it.

Some early versions of Catalina had an issue that caused saved window state to be corrupted, which could cause problems when reopening an app. If you think you might be running into this, hold down the Option key when reopening Storyist. This will cause Storyist to skip the window restoration step.


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