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Storyist to Word and back again


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I write novels in Storyist because it's a very powerful and helpful tool for aspiring novelists. My editor currently transfers the files so she can work on them in Word. She hates Word, would rather use anything rather than Word, but doesn't see any alternative to transfering my files into Word so that she can use "track changes" (aka redlining) to edit the book.


I, on the other hand, hate to switch over to Word to review the changes, accept, correct, or create new content. I want to be able to use Storyist. Any tips out there on how others have solved this problem?




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My day job is an acquisitions editor for an academic publisher, and I can tell you that the entire publishing world is standardized on Microsoft Word. The only "solution" would be if Storyist was fully compatible with Word's track changes mode. Until then, you'll always have to export your document out of Storyist to get it edited (or work with it in a professional setting), then import the final version after working with it in Word.


The closest thing to a "solution" if you just hate Microsoft is that Apple Pages and Open Office (including the very Mac-optimized NeoOffice) are fully Word track changes compatible. You'd still have to export and edit in another word processor, but it doesn't have to be Word itself.



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