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The Rat and the Mouse...


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The rat and the mouse

Went out to play,

For what seemed to be

A long fun-filled day.


The mouse thought it was fun,

But the rat pulled out a gun

And said,

Give meh all your moneh.


“I’m sick of waiting,

Cough it up you mouse!”

“But it’s not on me,

It’s back at the house!”


“Back at the house?

Then we better run,

Or my finger might slip,

And end all your fun.”


The mouse asked “Why?”

And the rat started to tear,

He would soon have to pull

The trigger he feared.


For the rat loved the mouse,

But it could never be.

‘Cause the rat was dirt poor

And had loan sharks to see.


A lesson for kids about why they shouldn't spend money they don't have. :D

This'll probably go in the book I write one day called, "12 lessons your kids should know, but probably not through these friendly rhymes" (working on the title still :P )

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Feels unfinished, emoKid. There's no climax. No resolution. And somehow I don't think gunplay is going to earn you a Suitable For Children sticker on the bookshelves, or a G Rating when the movie comes out. If little kids want gun violence they should stick to video games. We have traditions, damn it! Although I did enjoy the inter-species sexuality at the end. Kids love that stuff.


Further unwanted analysis: A vibrant and thoughtful scrutiny of Third-World debt structure in a globalized post-Keynesian economy. Or as you put it, a rat shouldn't go into debt or he'll have to kill his lover. Is war indeed preferable to seeking debt forgiveness? The question hangs before us as we hang before it.


Now about the US National Debt... If you're a mouse, be afraid—be very afraid.


Looking forward to more.


Now excuse me. The voices in my head are telling me to take my pills now so the walls will stop bleeding.


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