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Just finished re-write on chap 11 of my book. 9 more to go. Seems tedious lol.

I've found that the hardest part of writing is the re-writing.

I've also found that if you put the book down for a while it helps a lot.

Good luck.

Stay the course.

- Thoth

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I like rewriting, actually. By the time I get to it, I've already finished the hard part—starting to define my people, figuring out the story, etc.—and can have fun with my imaginary world. That holds me for about three rewrites, at which point I want to throw the book at the wall. Even then, wait long enough and I can tackle it again (almost ready to give my Pimpernel novel another go, if I ever stop tearing my hair out over this wedding scene and finish the rough draft of Lynx).


It definitely helps to set the book aside for a few weeks to a few months between rewrites (except for that horrible moment when I return to it and wonder who wrote this rubbish).


But congratulations, TAS. More than halfway through. Way to go! :lol:



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