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I was wondering if anyone knew of some good writing communities. Something like smashwords or feedbooks, but more socially targeted (like you upload an ePub, people can read it and provide feedback).


And another question, if you could create a writing community, what would it feature?

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Hi, Emokid:

Do you know about Authonomy? It's run by HarperCollins (the London branch). Anyone can sign up for free and upload a file for comments. People also vote on your stuff, and the top five people in a given period (I think it's a month, but I haven't checked the site in ages) get a reading from the Harper editorial staff. The ultimate carrot is that a few (as in a handful of the X thousand people on the site) actually end up with a publishing contract.


Simon and Schuster was supposed to be starting a similar site here in the US, but I don't know if it's up and running yet. Google them and see.


There are also writing associations that run online critique groups for their members. PennWriters is one, and you don't need to live in Pennsylvania to join. The entry fee is relatively low: $55 the first year and $45 to renew; they may have student rates, too. That would link you with a small number of people with whom you could exchange your work, rather than publishing it to all and sundry.


I'm sure there are lots of other options, including joining the writing-related groups on LinkedIn and posting a query for potential critique partners. These are just the ones I happen to know a little about.



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Another place to try is Goodreads, the free social network for readers: www.goodreads.com. They have, literally, thousands of groups, public and private, including a Storyist group that has, so far, four members (Steak Pirate, Orren, Steve, and myself) and next to no activity. But it includes groups where writers post their work for other writers (and readers) to comment on.


The one thing to watch with Goodreads is that it really is primarily for readers, so many groups have rules designed to protect their members from the kind of clueless author who spams everyone s/he knows with pleas to buy that author's books (no Storyist would act that way, of course :D). So check the rules before you post or even start a critiquing thread. But a quick search of groups on the site will turn up lots of options.


I hadn't joined Goodreads when I posted my last reply, but now it's my favorite of the social networks, both as a place to connect with other writers and as a place to discuss books.



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